PCP offer

We can help you understand the requirements of the PCP and have a functional one in your egg grading operation. We launch this offer for the summer of 2023 and we want to keep it transparent for everybody. Here is what we will deliver, what you can expect and what is the cost of the entire process.  

This offer is for the egg graders who already have a licence and are part of the Egg Farmers of Alberta. If you don’t have a licence yet we can still help you but this offer does not apply to you. Here at Best Manager Consulting, we successfully helped an egg grading operation to obtain the first time licence under the new SFCR legislation. We were the first ones to get a new egg grading licence in Alberta after the 2019 legislation came into effect. 

First we will visit your operation and collect all the necessary data for the PCP. We start some basic training with your team about the requirements of the PCP, the things that you need to pay attention to, the direction your operation needs to take to comply with the new regulations and most important, the steps that we will take while putting together the PCPs for your operation. 

On that first visit we will put together a plan for the next visit (visits), the timeline for the project and the delivery of all documents. 

If you want to meet and talk about all this in person, before starting anything, we offer you this possibility – just read the last part of this page.

What we deliver during the project and at the end of it:

  • we will train you to understand all the new requirements, the way you need to collect and keep the data and the way you need to safely conduct your egg grading operation
  • you will have a new PCP in a binder plus an electronic format for the forms you need to fill up on daily basis or whenever is necessary 
  • we will offer guidance and we will modify/adapt the PCP based on the CFIA recommendations after the PCP we deliver is analyzed and inspected 

What is the cost of the project? Considering all the long negotiations/conversations we had in the past we want to keep it simple and worry free for everybody, so here is our offer:

  • the cost for the entire project is $6,750 + GST if you operation is up to 20,000 birds and it is $8,750 + GST if your operation is above 20,000 birds. 
  • included in the total cost are 3 visits and we prefer the first visit to be 2 days to have enough time to collect all the info and to get familiar with the specifics of your operation. For now our offer is valid for Alberta and Saskatchewan. We are located in Calgary, AB so depending on your location there will be an extra cost associated with the travel and the accommodation for each visit – we will discuss this once you contact us and we start the conversation. 
  • if you want to meet and talk in person before you take any decision about using our services, the cost will be $650 + GST + the travel expenses (depending on your location). If you decide we are a fit for your PCP needs that $650 will be considered part of the down payment for the entire project.

Let’s start the conversation. Send us a short message on our “Contact form” and we take it from there – thanks for reading.