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Best Manager Consulting Ltd. is a dynamic and versatile Calgary based consulting company that can help your business grow better. We have a unique approach in analyzing and evaluating your business and its particular needs.

Our experts will be part of your daily business and will be exposed at all the challenges and procedures you may have. After an extensive evaluation you will be presented with a concrete written plan with your vulnerabilities and things to improve or implement for a better flow within your business. The written detailed plan will include straight forward solutions and way of implementing the changes.

The most important thing in every aspect of our lives or our businesses is to acknowledge when we need help and to seek ways to improve the segments that are deficient. Contact us to tell you more about our unique approach and to see if we are a fit. 

Thanks for visiting our website, take care and don’t forget, people make the difference.

Food Safety - PCP

With the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) coming into effect in January 2019 the law requires that all the procedures that take place in a food producing/processing facility needs to be written and part of the Preventive Control Plans (PCP).

Business Solutions

Every business is unique therefore our team tackles in a unique way every single issue that needs to be addressed. We have the knowledge to run complex analyses and take into account things you never thought about before. Let's meet and start an interesting conversation...

People Management

People are the most important asset a company has and some of the companies tend to forget this. The right person in the right place can make a huge positive difference and the same goes for the person with the wrong set of skills, this can hurt your business badly...